legal mentions
  legal mentions:

Naturocal is a brand distributed by the company EURL Districal
103, route de Lyon - 69450 St Cyr au Mont d’Or - FRANCE
Siren : 535 407 134
N° TVA Intr : FR 63535407134
EURL au capital : 10 000€

Naturocal company updates regularly the website, however the pieces of information and photos are presented for indication and are not contractual.
Naturocal keeps the right to modify the data shown on its website at anytime.
Naturocal cannot give guarantee for the preciseness of the information given, and the photos shown on the website, and is not responsible for the imprecise, inexact, or forgotten mentions.
The general structure as well as the texts, all the images, graphics, or other element of the website are the exclusive property of Naturocal.
Trademarks, logos, names, have required an authorization from their owners for their presentation in the website.
Any reproduction and / or total or partial representation of the website without Naturocal authorization is forbidden.

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